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There are different suspended ceilings in the world? Besides the pale white ones?

Don’t worry, we are only pleased that you have finally found yourself wondering, why you have no idea, that ceilings can also be personalized and be involved in the whirl of interior decorating!

Forget faint ceilings! Get yourself introduced to the different ceiling types we have to offer on our website! Soon you will find yourself choosing between the aesthetic-looking aluminum suspended ceilings, which are functional and rated highly among customers and the widely-used acoustic suspended ceilings; the convenient wire net ceilings and the sophisticated wooden ceilings of red oak, maple, cherry, birch…We also offer a variety of grid suspended ceilings and, of course, all the relevant details and additional materials and more.

Take your time to delve into the world of ceilings and make your ceiling a respectful part of the room or the work area!

CeilingWorld is at the forefront of suspended ceiling technology, with world patents on many of our manufacturing processes. Based on a customer focus, the priority when designing much of the machinery built in-house was the ability to combine an efficient means of production with shorter lead times and the consistent production of a quality product.

We can now quickly respond to special customer requests. Technical development within the organization for the expanding and continuous stock  materials also evolved machines capable of producing different suspended ceilings at a rate not previously experienced, with the manufacturing process being patented in many countries around the world. As new technology becomes available, all our machines are constantly being upgraded so as to offer the end user the best quality product at a lead time that meets their requirements.

Staring at the ceiling is about to be recognized as one of the top spare time activities, believe us! 

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