Ceiling Mirrors

It might sound like a scene from a Hollywood movie, a girl is sleeping in her bed and wakes up and looks at her reflection in the ceiling mirror above her bed. Or in the living room the light from the fireplace is reflected on similar mirror which makes the atmosphere even more romantic. Have you ever thought about getting a ceiling mirror of your own? Do not only think about it anymore, take some actions and get yourself one.

Ceiling mirrors have a big variety and the best place to ask advice about them would be from a ceiling retailer as they can tell you more about the specific ceiling mirrors they offer and the way they are installed. Usually the mirrors can be used in every part of the house apartment, so you could look at your reflection from the ceiling mirror in every part of your home.

So if you want to make your home even more special than it is now, do not doubt anymore and look into where you could get a ceiling mirror. You will definitely like it or even fall in love with your ceiling mirror and probably recommend getting one also to your friends afterwards.

User Comments:

Comment by: vikesh
2007-05-22 03:30
Hi there I am intrigued at this idea, as I have been looking around and could not seem to find any decorators who provide ceiling mirrors. I have a master bedroom and would like a few pictures so that I can generate some ideas.

Comment by: Latent
2007-08-20 17:06
Myself and my wife spent a wonderful week in a hotel in which our bedroom had a mirrored ceiling: We are very much in to the idea of having a mirror on our ceiling in the bedroom but alas cannot find any one who sells mirrored ceiling tiles, or indeed mirror's for ceiling's....Any information would be extremely well received. Thanks

Comment by: Justin Kavanagh
2007-09-24 22:54
I'm currently revamping a Hair Salon and have been asked by my client to look at the idea of a Mirrored Ceiling, some with spot lights in the centre. Is this something you do? If so, can you forward me on some information or photo's.
Regards, Justin.

Comment by: Lynda
2007-10-06 20:29
I am looking for either a ceiling mirror or suspended ceiling mirror for the bedroom. Reading previous comments it would seem difficult to locate. any help gratefully received.

Comment by: Sharon
2007-11-26 19:53
I am a decorator and am having problems finding celing mirros and instructions on how to install them. I am looking at 3' x 9' space.

Comment by: David
2010-03-02 03:47
Bedroom Ceiling Mirrors:
#1 Just a ceiling mirror won't cut it. you only "see" it sometimes. A headboard as well and /or closet mirrors together work well. ( real fun )
#2 Glass can't be big on the ceiling and needs a support surround frame ( If you use it get it with webbing/ single thickness so it cannot shatter).
Plastic is typically " fun house" unless it's 1/4 inch and is too heavy. Mylar shrink mirror is fine but not as good of a reflection as plastic or glass.

Back up a thin plastic mirror with a real stiff lightweight backer board, One HEADBOARD leaning off the wall looking slightly down, and one overhead CEILING slightly tward the pillow end of the bed ( Super fun )
3 ft x 4 ft is Plenty for each placement for any bed size, since the reflection expands in a pyramidal shape as it returns to you.

* I just finished a commercial version if you want to get some ideas, Take a look: hiddenbedroommirror
For all of you who think it's creepy : I say you haven't tried it. It will help keep you in shape since you can't hide and !

Comment by: Brad
2010-03-30 13:52
Just recently went to a  trade show and saw that bed mirror system that folds away into a picture frame.. Really slick and when it's closed it really looks like a just a large picture frame. I watched a couple girls admiring themselves under it and the mirrors really seem hugh and pick up lots of angles. Too fun. Brad

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