Wooden Ceilings

wooden ceiling

Wooden ceiling were used long before plastic or drywall ceilings. They are very beautiful and make the room look very cozy. The wooden ceilings offer a lot of different appearances as there is a big variety of wood that they are made of. So you can choose form dark or light wood and between different patterns on boards and panels. This means that with only covering your ceiling with wood you can make it look very old and antique or modern and new.

The difference in installing wooden ceilings to other suspended or regular ceiling is that before you can apply the wooden boards they have to acclimate with the air in the room where they are installed. And also all the cracks have to be sanded off with sandpaper and then wiped clean with a cloth, but that are just small preparations to have a beautiful wooden ceiling afterwards.

The boards of wooden ceilings can easily be cut before installing so they would fit every specialty of your home and cover any imperfections that your ceiling has so it would look perfect again. Therefore if you need to make your ceiling look ideal, just lay a wooden cover over it and it is done.

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User Comments:

Comment by: Linda A Gill
2007-01-30 05:26
Our church has a wooden cathedral ceiling. It has never had anything done to it. We would like to have information about a service/company that can restore it and clean it. It is about 40 years old. We are located in Ohio. Small church.

Comment by: Tim
2007-02-25 17:30
need instructions on DIY stickwood ceiling ,..lentils and viga,.. layed up in a herringbone pattern, SouthWest style. I think the third pic above on this page is in this style,.not in a herringbone pattern but in the sticks all layed up in line,..any info deeply appreciated


Comment by: Carol Beach
2007-04-20 03:45
We have built a new house & need some info on installing a tonguegroove ceiling on our front porch. Is there anyway you can send me a video of this or E-Mail me with the info? Thank you Carol Beach

Comment by: Lillian
2007-05-20 03:08
We are restoring a cedar cabin and the celing is not level. The wood that the drywall would be attached to is not level at all. What can we do to fix this.

thank you

Comment by: courtney
2010-09-29 22:05
How could you do something like your barn style ceilings in a double wide trailor/ prefab home. I love this idea andi instead of building a new house i just want to fix the one i have.

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