Open Cell Ceilings

Open cell ceiling gives you the opportunity to make your ordinary ceiling look more attractive. Basically, the main idea behind open cell ceiling is that you install a frame on the ceiling that forms a number of cells. This frame is locked with another frame that surrounds the entire ceiling and attaches all the parts together. This framework can be made out of most of the materials available, like for example wood, metal and so on.

In addition, to make the open cell ceiling look more attractive you can color the surface under the framework with a different color than the cells. This kind of a ceiling has a really modern and interesting look that you definitely will not find at you neighbor’s home.

One thing that you have to take into account when installing or having installed an open cell ceiling is that it lowers the overall height of your ceiling by the height of the cell framework. So if your rooms do not have very high ceilings than an open cell ceiling might not be the best idea.

To learn more about the prices and specific aspects of installing an open cell ceilings, contact your local ceiling installer and ask for their help.

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Comment by: aditi jain
2007-06-04 12:37
hi its great to know about your website i want some more designs so hat i can order for my business

Comment by: Qin
2007-09-22 07:27
If u can put some photographs beside ur article, that will be better for me to understand and choose.

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