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What is the difference between ceiling paint and regular flat wall paint?


From: David

In the old days it was custom to put flat paint on the ceiling
this was done so that the lighting shined down
where as Painting with a semi gloss leaves the light shining on the ceiling. Flat wall paint is used where you dont want the light to shine on the walls( dull finish) but hides imperfections better.also leaves the walls feeling rougher.

From: Richard Roll

how much of a difference can there be in paint, you may wonder. a lot. for starters, price. ceiling paint is cheaper, but don't start calculating how much money you can save by painting your walls with ceiling paint. there's a reason it's cheaper-ceiling paint doesn't contain some of the expensive ingredients that make wall paint resistant to smudge marks and easy to clean. ceiling paint is also chalkier than wall paint, and can be easily damaged in high traffic areas. ceiling paint is a flat paint that will not show imperfections as easily as glossier wall paint. it is also a thicker paint, designed to reduce splatter when applied.


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